candyappleblck (candyappleblck) wrote,

So it's 2006.  And I just started getting used to writing '05 on all of my papers.  Damn it.  I got to spend most of the day with Josh and the rest with Meghan.  She's actually sleeping in my room right now.  We shot off a few fireworks with my brother.  The original plan for last night was for all of us, Josh, Meghan, Wes and I, to go to Channelside and go eat somewhere for dinner and watch this firework show which would have been really nice, but things were a bit too complicated.  Another time I guess.  But all in all, the day was spent well :D

The past few days haven't been too exciting though.  After Christmas things became a bit dull.  Josh is getting his car fixed so it's hard to see him everyday like I used to.  Wrapping boxes and spending all night thinking about what the perfect gift would be has already passed.  And now it seems the only place to ever go to is the mall.  Tampa is oh-so-exhilarating.

Happy New Year everyone! Especially to my Josh <3

Meghan told me this picture looks completely different on her computer so if you can't see it...
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