candyappleblck (candyappleblck) wrote,

wishing everyone the best

Happy holidays!  Sorry I'm a bit late but I wanted to wish everyone a happy holidays before I completely forget! :D

I got some pictures from Christmas Eve.  Meghan and I went to a party and I got unexpected gifts :D  Afterwards we picked up Josh and went to my house and opened presents with my family.  I got Meghan a gift card to XXI.  Pathetically, the same thing she got me for my birthday because I really had no idea what to get her.  Meg and I picked out an eye cover for Josh.  We couldn't find one that said "Princess" or "Hottie" so the one I bought said, "Blue Eyed Beauty" haha.  I also got him an ornament of this cute little Santa Claus that has "You're my friend Beclaus" written on it's stomach.  Josh gave me the sweetest card ever and this candle that smells so amazingly good and Meghan is giving me a present today :) 

I hope everyone had a great holiday! <3  And just so I'm not late on this one, *glass clinks* Happy New Year!

 Meghan's adorable cousin Logan.

  Meghan and I in matching dresses.

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