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Friday was Meghan's 18th birthday so we hung out last night.  I made her a scrapbook/photo album thing for a present.  It had pictures of us and notes we wrote to each other from forever ago.  Some of the pictures I put in it are under the cut.  I left a few out because...  You wouldn't want to see them all haha.  We went to International mall together.  My mom bought her some clothes for a present and then we went out to eat.  It was nice :D

I spent most of Thanksgiving break with my Josh.  It was fun.  We watched a ton of movies.  Um... The Emperor's New Groove, High Tension, some of Kingdom of Heaven (it kept on skipping), Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Billy Madison, House of Flying Daggers and I think there might have been more but I can't remember.  High Tension is such a creepy movie.  Jesus.  It was very confusing too.  But it's so delightfully graphic.  ...Chainsaws... *shudders*.

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